Hi, I am Khalid Nazmus Sakib, passionate about working in the field of IOT(internet of things), like learn new things in embedded system, new programming language. I know a little bit everything; embedded programming, Arduino, BeagleBone black, Raspberry Pi, C/C+, Python, Java, Android, iOS, Google Cloud Coding, LabView, FPGA, VHDL :D. I like to play with sensor and of course sending those sensor data over WiFi or bluetooth to send some unknown places. Ha! Ha! not really they would be stored obviously to a cloud or realtime databases. I have dream to build a startup on IOT. In profession, I am an engineer. I am open to discussion and to learn. Engage with me with thought provoking or just a regular discussion and let me know what do your think. There’s a lot more things to learn. I am very open to that. Hope you enjoy my blog.